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Head of Division Expansion joints

Christian Böttger

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Rubber expansion joints

Armin Horwege

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Katrin Weichler

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Axel Pöhlmann

(Head of department)
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Stainless steel expansion joints

Stephan Frühling

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Expansion joints

WILLBRANDT The Compensator Catalogue (English) - K20101

Rubber and stainless steel expansion joints are used in pipes to compensate for expansion, movement due to settlement and fitting inaccuracies.

Typical applications are heating systems, water pipes, pipes in power stations and the chemical industry. Available are various qualities that are suitable for specific media (e.g. drinking water, oil, food).

A wide range of different types are carried in stock. Special types can be manufactured at short notice.

A tight network of sales partners worldwide ensures that competent advice and servicing is provided to our customers over a wide area locally.

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