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Stefan Roggenkamp

(Head of department)
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Stefan Wolf

Tel +49 40 540093-52
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Noise protection systems

Noise nuisance is a problem we all face today. It is undisputed that persistent noise can be harmful to health and can lead to a loss of performance. Noise levels at the workplace play a decisive role.

We analyse, advice, design, build and install on site solutions for the optimal design of environmentally-friendly workplaces. Based on our many years of experience in the area of noise protection and the high demands we place on the quality of our personnel and material, we have the necessary know-how to solve your noise problems.

Office solutions

- Acoustic Ceiling Canopies
- Acoustic Picture
- Acoustic Textil Absorbers
- Acoustic Table Absorbers
- Acoustic Room Screens
- Acoustic Partitions
- Acoustic Cylinders
- Acoustic Corner Absorbers

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Industrial solutions

- Soundproof booth and encapsulation
- Soundproof Walls
- Wall Absorbers
- Paneel Systems
- Acustic and baffles Ceilings
- Anechoic Test Rooms
- Acoustic Foams for Machine Linings
- Foundation Isolating

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