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Thorsten Faust

(Head of department)
Tel +49 40 540093-17
Fax +49 40 540093-83

Miriam Prestin-Schulz

Tel +49 40 540093-15
Fax +49 40 540093-83


CONTITECH Product range drive belts industry (German/English) - A50102

V-belts, wrapped and cogged raw edge

ContiTech V-belts are wrapped with cogged raw edge. They consist of an elastomer body and polyester or aramide tension member for high tensile strength and minimal elongation. The fibres in the base rubber are orientated traverse to the direction of belt travel for optimal transverse rigidity.

Depending on the particular type, V-belts are resistant to temperatures from -30° to +75°, partly resistant to chemicals, mainly electrically conductive, partly resistant to oil and grease and highly resistant to abrasion.

  • Fans
  • Pump drives
  • Conveyor belts
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