Contact person:

Vibration Technology

Jürgen Schmied

Tel +49 40 540093-34
Fax +49 40 540093-48

Jörn Kock

Tel +49 40 540093-65
Fax +49 40 540093-48

Expansion Joints

Armin Horwege

Tel +49 40 540093-20
Fax +49 40 540093-90

Engineering services

WILLBRANDT Measuring Testing Developing (German/English) - S10203

Our team of consultants and engineers - working in-house and as field representatives - is your competent counterpart for all elastomer-related applications.

Some of our recent technical solutions have become our own patents.

We perform the comprehensive consulting services listed below by telephone and personally on site daily:

  • Expertise in noise and vibration control
  • Design of resilient mounts
  • Design of expansion joints
  • Structure-borne and air-borne noise measurements on site using extensive measuring equipment
  • Own test laboratory
  • Development and manufacture of customer-specific mass damper solutions
  • Conception and design of complete fender systems
  • Design of power transmission systems
  • Customised product modifications

Calculation options and programs

  • Shock calculations with the WILLBRANDT ShockDesign calculation program
  • Design of SYLOMER® and SYLODYN®
  • Spring characteristic calculations
  • FEM calculations
  • Drive calculations
  • Designs for fenders and fender systems
  • Technical drawings and documentation

Spring Viewer program

Our Spring Viewer program can be used to read easily the stiffness, forces, deflection and energy of our shock mounts at a glance.

ShockDesign calculation program

ShockDesign calculates in detail the response behaviour of resiliently mounted multi-degree-of-freedom systems to a brief shock-like excitation of the foundation.

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